Services & Rates


At Sharon’s Pets in Hampton East, Melbourne Bayside, we offer a range of services to help your pet stay healthy and happy while you lead a busy life.


Our services fall into three main categories:

For dog walking we usually come to your location and collect your dog, then take it to a local favourite area like a park or the beach, for a good walk or run so it gets its exercise requirement.
Pet sitting is generally when we come to your house and care for your animals while you are away. This could be while you are away for the day, or staying away from home overnight. Sharon will meet with you first so you can get to know each other and discuss what’s needed.
Pet minding is when your pet stays at Sharon’s place, either for the day or overnight. You can drop the animal off or Sharon can come and collect the animal from your house. Some of these services overlap and we can work with you to accommodate any of your pet care needs.



  • We are a small family business.
  • We care for your pet in a one-to-one, personalised way that minimises stress and ensures your pet gets the undivided love and attention to which it is accustomed.
  • Your pet gets treated like family and stays in a normal loving home.

The pricing for each service is outlined below:



We can walk your dog either by visiting your house or while your dog is staying with us (pet minding).

We have varyous places that we walk your dog each day such as off-lead parks and dog beaches, as well as normal walks around the block.

Of course, we ensure that your dog is safe at all times by getting all required information from you prior to walking.

We will walk your dog alone at first and after building trust we may walk some dogs together if they are well suited and enjoy each other’s company.

We make sure we have adequate water supplies for your dog/s on warm days and check regularly to make sure your dog is well hydrated.

Your vet details are kept on hand in case of an emergency. If your vet is unavailable for any reason we have our own emergency vet service we use.

You can request regular updates by text message if you require it.

We can fill out a report card each time we walk your dog to record where we went, arrival and departure times, what activities took place, and any other information you feel is important.

All dogs are transported in an air conditioned vehicle and never left unaccompanied in a vehicle or anywhere else.

Dog walking is available on a regular basis (e.g. weekly/twice-weekly ongoing) or on an ad hoc basis (e.g. daily while you are away on holidays).

Areas covered include all Bayside suburbs. For full map of service see our area of service page.


Dogs that need to be walked on an individual basis ie. are not able to be walked with other dogs can be walked for up to 45 mins at $25

  • 30min Walk – 1 Dog $25
  • 30min Walk – 2 Dogs $30
  • 1hr Walk – 1 Dog $30
  • 1hr Walk – 2 Dogs $40

PET MINDING (Stays at our place)

  • Includes options for both morning and/or afternoon walks as specified by you
  • Feeds (supplied by you) at your specified times – daily or twice daily
  • Grooming can be arranged while your pet is staying with us

We will stick to the regular schedule to which your dog is accustomed such as times of walks and meals.

If you require us to pick up and drop off your dog it is an additional $25 each way. We can collect/drop off anywhere in our area of service.

A 10% discount applies to all stays 10 nights and over.

We are contactable 24 hours a day whilst you will be away and would be happy to give you updates (picture text message upon request) on your dog.

Note: A 50% surcharge for all public holidays.

  • Small dog $50 per night
    e.g. Pomeranian, Shitzu
  • Medium dog $55 per night
    e.g. Beagle, Kelpie
  • Large dog $60 per night
    e.g. Labrador, German shepherd


  • 30min home visit/feed/walk/play – $30
  • 1hr home visit/feed/walk/play – $40

We are contactable 24 hours a day while you are away and would be happy to give you updates via text message.

  • Includes morning and/or evening walks as specified by your requirements
  • Feeds (supplied and specified by you)
  • FREE on request-mail pick up, garbage bins taken out

Please note: a 50% surcharge applies for public holidays on all services.

We are contactable 24 hours a day whilst you’re away and would be happy to give you regular updates so you can rest assured your pet is safe and sound.