Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, and Pet Minding Prices

The pricing for each service is outlined below:



Dogs that need to be walked on an individual basis ie. are not able to be walked with other dogs can be walked for up to 45 mins at $25

  • 30min Walk – 1 Dog $20
  • 30min Walk – 2 Dogs $27
  • 1hr Walk – 1 Dog $27
  • 1hr Walk – 2 Dogs $35


PET MINDING (Stays at our place)

We will stick to the regular schedule your dog is accustomed to such as times of walks and meals.

If you require us to pick up and drop off your dog it is an additional $20 each way.

Please add $10 for each additional dog/ pet. A 10% discount applies to all stays 10 nights and over *”per night” meaning 24 hour stay *50% surcharge for all public holidays.

We are contactable 24 hours a day whilst you will be away and would be happy to give you updates (picture text message upon request) on your dog.

  • Small dog $50 per night
    e.g. Pomeranian, Shitzu
  • Medium dog $55 per night
    e.g. Beagle, Kelpie
  • Large dog $60 per night
    e.g. Labrador, German shepherd
  • Other animals $40 per night
    e.g. Rabbits, guinea pigs, birds



  • 30min home visit/feed/walk/play – $27
  • 1hr home visit/feed/walk/play – $35

Please note: a 50% surcharge applies for public holidays on all services.