Pet Minding

Pet Minding Hampton, Bayside, Melbourne

pet-minding-300x300Pet minding Hampton East, Bayside area Melbourne. Professional pet minder, fully police checked and insured. One on one home care attention for your precious pet.

Nobody wants their pet to stay in a cold, dark kennel. That’s why we offer a personalised pet minding service to keep your furred and feathered loved ones happy, warm, and safe, so that you can have peace of mind while you’re away.

With us, your pet gets a holiday of its own, and it’ll be happily waiting for you when you get back. Every time you leave, your pet will have a home away from home with fellow animal lovers who want the best for each pet, just like you do. In this way, you’ll be free to concentrate on the moment, confident that your pet is in good hands.


What makes us different?

Unlike many pet minding businesses, we are a small family business. We care for your pet in a one-to-one, personalised way that minimises stress and ensures your pet gets the undivided love and attention to which it is accustomed. Your pet gets treated like family and stays in a normal loving home.



  • Includes morning and afternoon walks as specified by you
  • Feeds (supplied by client) at your specified times
  • Grooming can be arranged on request during your pet’s stay with us

We will stick to the regular schedule your pet is accustomed to such as times of walks and meals.

If you require us to pick up and drop off your pet it is an additional $25 each way. We can pick up or drop off anywhere in our area of service. 

We are contactable 24 hours a day whilst you are away and would be happy to give you updates  of your pet’s progress via text message.

  • Small dog $50 per night
    e.g. Pomeranian, Shitzu
  • Medium dog $55 per night
    e.g. Beagle, Kelpie
  • Large dog $60 per night
    e.g. Labrador, German shepherd
  • Other animals price on discussion.