What area do you cover as a dog walker and for pet minding and sitting?

We’re based in Hampton East and look after animals at our home. Animals are cared for in a one to one comfortable environment. We also travel anywhere within around 15kms of our home to walk dogs and look after your pets in the Bayside area while you’re away. You can see our full area of service here.


What’s the difference between Pet Sitting and Pet Minding?

Pet sitting means that we will come to your home or another agreed-upon location to care for your pet while you are away.

Pet minding means that your pet will come to stay with us in a safe and comfortable environment while you’re away from home for the day or for a trip.

Both services ensure your animal’s holistic well-being so that you can focus on the reason for your absence without worrying about your pet.


Will my dog still be walked if it is raining?

Yes! A bit of rain never hurt anyone, and your pet will enjoy the exercise.


Do you have insurance in case something happens to my pet?

Yes. We are insured up to the value of $5000 for each animal. If something were to happen to your pet while in our care we will cover any vet bills and related expenses. To date we have not had a single incident that required veterinary or medical attention.


Can I see where you will look after my pet?

Most definitely. You are welcome to drop in and see my house where I take care of all pets. It is a cosy place where I just look after one or two animals at a time so you can rest assured your pet will be cared for in the luxury to which it’s accustomed!


Will my dog be walked during thunderstorms, heavy rainstorms or extreme heat?

No. Due to safety concerns for your dog, we will only take it out to do its business. In such extreme weather conditions, we will play with the dog at home and keep it company.


What if I arrive back from my holiday later than expected?

We generally agree that you will contact us 24 hours before your expected arrival time to confirm or notify us of any changes. If we do not hear from you, we will continue to care for your pet until you get in touch. Additional expenses will accrue, but most people prefer this to having their pet abandoned (which we will never do!)


How can I assist my pet minder and my pet?

  • Attach up-to-date identification to your pet’s collar.
  • Keep up to date on vaccinations for your pet.
  • Leave emergency contact information while you’re away.
  • Leave one working key for us while you’re away.
  • Leave a list of phone numbers for us e.g. electrician, plumber, local emergency contacts (friends, family, etc.).
  • Show us your home’s important safety features such as the safety switch & security system before you leave.
  • Leave extra food and other supplies in case you return later than expected.


Why should I choose your service?

  • We provide a variety of professional and personalised services.
  • We are a small operation that takes one on one care of your animal – no mass kennels or cages here.
  • A single caretaker will get to know your pet through consistent contact.
  • We offer competitive prices for exceptional service.
  • We make decisions based on animal safety and well-being, as well as owner satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • You are dealing with a fully insured and police checked business.
  • You can rest assured that your privacy will never be violated by us.
  • We offer loyalty programs for ongoing clients.
  • We are passionate about animals, their well-being and their quality of life.